I close my eyes. I see the space. The color spots are forming fascinating patterns on the earth's surface. How to put this space drawing in a petri dish? These patterns might have come out of a petri dish where mold was growing. Now they form the space together. The birth of a photo-shooting theme always comes to mind differently. It is good when it turns out to change the disadvantages into positive aspects. A long-forgotten piece of bread or cheese covered with moldy patterns becomes the first model. The next step is a matter of techniques, imagination and patience. Now you start seeing craters, forests, and river beds on this art. I propose to you the knowledge of the very least through the greatest and vice versa. See an enormous picture of life through a macro and find associations with cheese, bread, or sweets in the images from space.

                                                                                                 Used materials

Научный эксперимент

Scientific experiment

The documented results of the study were placed in a chemical laboratory environment.

WHEN                                                                 LOCATION                                             

Ortober  27,  2021, 02:00 PM                             Chemical laboratory, Moscow, Junior Researcher Maria



Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences